Top Tips For 2015 On Choosing Indispensable Elements For Online Roulette

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A Background In Deciding Upon Key Criteria In [casino]

If youre taking your time and playing at a moderate pace, youre making about 500 bets per hour. Thats $200. If youre dedicated to playing with no delays, spinning the reels right away after each play, you can get that up to 800-plus spins per hour even accounting for non-wagering time spent on bonus events and free spins. Compare that to a $5 blackjack player at a full table and if the minimum bet is $5, the table is as likely as not to be full. That player is making 50 to 60 bets per hour, or between $250 and $300. Thats in the same territory as a 40-cent slot bettor. The house edge also is higher on slots. Saying a slot machine pays 90% is the same as saying the house edge is 10%. Blackjack players who know basic strategy face house edges of less than 1%, craps players who stick to the pass line face a 1.41% edge and even double-zero roulette, one of the highest house-edge table games at 5.26%, spots the house much less than video slots.

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